PARI BOY® turns 50.

Take a look behind the scenes: are there things about PARI BOY that you did not know? Get to know some of the people involved in the success story, who work tirelessly to deploy ever better solutions for people with pulmonary diseases.

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We know that our products make life easier for a large number of people on a daily basis. Some of them have told us what PARI BOY means to them.


„The first PARI INHALIERBOY was launched onto the market 50 years ago, revolutionising nebuliser therapy at home.

People could now nebulise at home instead of in hospital. After a short time, PARI BOY became so popular that the word ‚PARI‘ became the generic term for nebuliser devices in Germany. Soon PARI INHALIERBOY became the most popular nebuliser device in Germany. I’m proud to say that PARI BOY is the original.

New inventions are also part of my everyday life. My work as a developer at PARI begins with understanding the expectations and wishes of patients and doctors. This remit is sometimes demanding and I must find appropriate solutions to the problems. Being inquisitive and occasionally thinking outside the box, I am committed to ensuring that our products get better and better, helping the people who use them to improve their quality of life“.

Carsten Neemann

Development Engineer


Dr. Rosina Ledermüller

Medical Affairs Director

“Overall, the PARI BOY® has been the most-tested inhalation device for 50 years –

tested by patients who use it daily, healthcare professionals who use the device continuously, and in clinical studies conducted by medical experts.

What has been the major factor that has contributed to establishing PARI BOY’s strong position? We work closely with doctors from research, hospitals and medical practice and we are open to their needs as well as the needs of patients. We are good listeners at PARI. We put transform these needs requirements into advanced solutions.

For solid results, we develop concepts for testing our products for efficacy, application or acceptance by patients. Partnerships with doctors in clinical studies provide data that we collect, analyse and discuss with the authorities. Our goal in all of these activities is to always find the best possible solution for patients suffering from respiratory diseases.”


“Highly effective and patient-friendly:
the active substance is delivered directly to where it is needed.

From the very beginning, PARI has divided the PARI BOY Family into  3 different devices, each individually adapted to the needs of the patients in their equipment and accessories: the PARI TurboBOY suits almost everyone, the PARI JuniorBOY is for small children and the PARI BOY is best for those with severe respiratory diseases.

The efficient PARI LC PLUS nebuliser with the integrated valve system, which has become the gold standard in inhalation therapy and the nebuliser of choice in clinical studies, was used for the first time.

For me, it is particularly important to work for a company with such solid expertise. PARI manufactures high-quality and scientifically proven effective products as a matter of conviction. I am proud of this and I am happy to support it.

I love working so closely with doctors, pharmacists and patients. By continually checking the pulse of the market, I can ensure that our customers’ wishes and suggestions directly influence our product development. This is how we continually improve our products and offer tailor-made solutions for all requirements.”

Dr. Ralf Fischer

Lower Airways Product Manager


Hannelore Schulz

Medical Device Consultant, PARI Service Centre

“PARI is not satisfied with developing good devices. They must be even better and even faster.

In 2001, the result was the PARI BOY N family, with more powerful compressors for even faster inhalation and even more optimised therapy success.

When something is successful, most people think about sales or therapy success. But one of the major contributors of PARI’s success is how close we are to our customers. In our Service Centre, I am part of a team of 10 experienced medical device consultants who answer customer questions on choosing the correct device, on spare parts or proper handling. Pharmacies in particular value the individual advice on reimbursing PARI devices.

By talking to customers on the phone, I can make a significant difference to their benefit – by providing expert information that helps the individual, even with complex questions. It’s a good feeling to know that my specialist knowledge is valuable to the caller. My daily motivation is to receive a ‘Thank you for your good advice’, and a satisfied customer means that I have been successful.”


„PARI constantly researches and develops, so we can keep providing the best treatment solution for each individual.

The PARI BOY family’s performance has yet again been improved by a powerful compressor and the PARI LC SPRINT nebuliser, which is now faster, more user-friendly and easier to clean.

As the PARI management team, we are very close to what happens on a day-to-day basis. We have known both the market and our customers for many years and are in daily contact with our colleagues in Research and Development, Production, Marketing and Sales. We know where the challenges lie; we know that details are often decisive in creating real added value for patients. Therefore we support the ongoing development and the tireless search for ever better solutions building on our experience. We are proud of our employees who bring the PARI mission to life in their daily work, making life easier for people who suffer from respiratory diseases.”

Dr. Martin Knoch

PARI Pharma Managing Director