For people with severe respiratory diseases

At the 50-year PARI BOY fundraiser in 2018, our hard-working MitmachAIR team raised €34,530. They ran, they swam, they cycled and so much more. For every MitmachAIR contribution received, PARI donated €10. This is how this breath-taking sum was raised.

PARI would like to thank everyone who took part in MitmachAIR and has bumped the sum up to €50,000 to help people with severe respiratory diseases!

Part of the sum donated will go to support the self-help group Kartagener Syndrom und Primäre Ciliäre Dyskinesie e.V. (Kartagener syndrome and primary ciliary dyskinesia). The sum has already been transferred; this was at the 41st annual meeting of the Society for Pediatric Pneumology along with the 60th Congress of the German Respiratory Society in Munich on 13-16 March 2019.

Jens Brillault (2nd from left), Chair of the self-help group Kartagener Syndrom und Primäre Ciliäre Dyskinesie e.V. and Christine Braune (3rd from left), representing patients, accepts the symbolic cheque from Dr Davia Viellechner (right), Management of PARI GmbH and Andreas Schmitt (left), PARI Pharma GmbH.

PARI Medical Ltd were proud to participate in the PARI BOY 50 Years Anniversary campaign, helping to raise money for the British Lung Foundation, whilst motivating people to get active.
Mal Apter and Jacqueline Harle presented a cheque to Andy Jackson (Corporate Partnerships Executive) and Amanda Ball (Director of Fundraising) at the BLF Head Office in February. Supporters of the British Lung Foundation took part in sporting activities wearing a PARI BOY T-shirt, then posted the photos onto the PARI Facebook page. Every photo raised money for the BLF. Andy Jackson said “we should all be proud of how the campaign went and I’m really looking forward to working with PARI in the future”.

From left to right: Jacqueline Harle and Mal Apter (PARI Medical Ltd), Andy Jackson (Corporate Partnerships Executive) and Amanda Ball (Director of Fundraising) British Lung Foundation

At the Cystic Fibrosis New Zealand board meeting on 23rd March 2019, Wieland Paul, President Asia Pacific at PARI, presented the donation raised by the “50 Years of PARI BOY” campaign. The overwhelming involvement of CF patients, their family members and friends helped bring together a total of € 5,000. The CFNZ, which also celebrated its 50th anniversary last year, will be able to put this donation to good use and help to make life easier for CF patients and their carers in New Zealand.
Also present was Philippa Williams, Senior Brand Manager at Ebos Healthcare New Zealand, who, together with her team, provided logistics support for the “50 Years of PARI BOY” campaign in New Zealand.

From left to right: Philippa Williams (Senior Brand Manager, EBOS Healthcare), Denis Currie (President CFNZ), Warwick Murray (Board member CFNZ), Jane Drumm (chairperson CFNZ Board), Ed Campion(Board member CFNZ), Michele Wilson (Board member CFNZ), Melissa Skene (Board member CFNZ), Jane Bollard (Chief Executive, CFNZ), Wieland Paul (President Asia Pacific, PARI ASIA PACIFIC LTD.), Laura Huet (Marketing and Fundraising Manager CFNZ)

On 12 April 2019, the donation from the MitmachAIR campaign was ceremoniously handed over to Cystic fibrosis e.V., represented by the federal chairman Mr. Stephan Kruip, at the PARI headquarters in Starnberg. You all helped to raise €24,000 for people with cystic fibrosis. PARI added a bit more, rounding it up to €30,000! This is simply great and we are very proud of each and every one of you who took part in MitmachAIR and helped to make this possible. The Managing Director of PARI GmbH, Dr. Davia Viellechner, said a few words of a personal nature as she handed over the cheque, accompanied by a high number of employees. In return, PARI received a Cystic Fibrosis Guardian Angel award.